August 1st, 2021 Team Tournament Fundraiser

Thank you for your support. We hope everyone had a great time and we hope to see you at our next fundraiser in October.

Congratulations to our top 6 teams!

1st Place-Won $3500

     Don't Suck

          Kyle Sheffield

          Nicholas Evans

          Stephen McCarty

          Chad Ashley

          Salvador Trevino

3rd Place- Won $1750

     Liv'n on A Spare

          Sephra Dyall

          Shantel Simmons

          Justin Garrison

          Demetruis Dortch

          Jonathan Fogle

5th Place- Won $1000

     Team Avengers

          Jay Dawn Robinson

          Jennifer Sims

          Lionel Johnson

          Victoria Fitzgerald

          Dexter Printup


2nd Place- Won $2500


          Nichole Bennett

          Chris Gutierrez

          Kevin Hausman

          Tommy Arnao

          Mark Bailey       

4th Place- Won $1250

     Thomas' Team

          Stemma Miller

          Jennah Lilly

          Kyle Wolfman

          Khaleel Thomas

          Gerald Richardson

6th Place- Won $750

     Lucky Strikes

          Brian Wald

          Courtney Dornheim

          Michael Rodriguez

          Laura Reed

          Marcus Bell