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GAGME Trio's Fundraiser October 1st, 2023

Thank you for your support. We hope everyone had a great time and we hope to see you at our next event.

Congratulations to everyone that cashed!

GAGME TRIO's Tournament 

1st place- Faith +1

2nd Place- Ducks in the Pond

3rd Place-  Jeff's Transmissions

4th Place- MJ's Team

5th Place- B.A.D

6th Place- B.G.A Got Me

7th Place-  GFY

8th Place-  FTP

9th Place- Ocala Pro Shop

10th Place- Dance Party

11th Place-  Don't get Yoshed

12th Place- Let's F'ing Go!!!

13th Place- Mrs. Battles

14th Place - KMA INC

15th Place-  One and Done?!?!

16th Place- Motor City Madness

17th Place- Joes Crew

18th Place- Tampa's Finest

19th Place- Cobra Kai

20th Place- West Express

21st Place- Koehler 2

22nd Place- Rack N Roll em

23rd Place- First Timers

24th Place- iLkilakDat Squad

25th Place- Lucky Strikes 

26th Place- Profile Builders

27th Place-  Two Queens and a King

28th Place- AKT

29th Place- Balls & Boobs

30th Place- Old Farts

31st Place- Y'all Aint Ready

32nd Place- Team 39

33rd Place- Pocket Pounders

34th Place- Fat Donkey Remix

35th Place- Balls Deep

36th Place-  Snap Crackle & Pop

37th Place- Koehler 1

Faith +1

  • Jalen Hulse

  • Ryan McGlone

  • Kirk Nicholson


Ducks in the Pond

  • Jeremine Finch

  • Ducky Johnson

  • Marcus McCray

Jeff's Transmissions

  • Michelle Duque

  • Rickey Lind

  • Jeff Roberson


MJ's Team

  • Greg Ickes

  • Paula Urdal-Wenzel

  • Michelle Jones


  • AUstin Andrews

  • Brandon Cole

  • Dale Kolesar Jr

B.G.A Got Me

  • John Rufin

  • Jack Page

  • Tirus Page

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