GAGME 2022 February 4th - 6th, 2022

Thank you for your support. We hope everyone had a great time and we hope to see you at our next event.

Congratulations to everyone that cashed!

Scratch Masters

Division A

​1st Place- Eric Carson

2nd Place- Joey Wilson

3rd Place- Jo Gomez

4th Place- Kimberly Delcambre

5th Place- Debbie Borum

6th Place- Roy Erskine

Division B

1st Place- Julie Fitz

2nd Place- Leo Rodriguez

3rd Place- Travis Westfall

4th Place- John Zonneveld

5th Place- Tyre Mitchell

6th Place- Jamie Laub

Division C

1st Place- Hunter Dancer

2nd Place- Brandon Hewitt

3rd Place- Dominque Johnson

4th Place- Timothy Henfling

5th Place- Shawn Parisi

6th Place- Jason Bartello

Division D

1st Place- Kendra Cameron-Curry

2nd Place- Pete Ferraro

3rd Place- James MacDonald

4th Place- Tristan Dancer

5th Place- Alison Shedrow

6th Place- Michelle Serowchak

Division E

1st Place- Justin Mandell

2nd Place- Marcus McCray

3rd Place- Andrew Colon

4th Place- Mike Lukosius

5th Place- Justin Gibbons

6th Place- Khaleel Thomas

Singles Event (low to cash 775)

1st place- James MacDonald

2nd Place- Gregory Walters

3rd Place- Peter Hernandez

4th Place- Pete Ferraro

5th Place- Brandon Hewitt

6th Place- Dominque Johnson

7th Place- Javi Diaz- Tie for 7th

8th Place- Bryon Turner- Tie for 7th

9th Place- Mark Dancer

10th Place- Justin Mandell

11th Place- Frankie Muniz

12th Place- Kendra Cameron-Curry

13th Place- Samantha Cameron-Curry

14th Place- Justin Saile

15th Place= Miranda Orebaugh

16th Place- Alison Shedrow

17th Place- Dean Sirulnik

18th Place- David Boyle

19th Place- Jeff Vandenberg

20th Place- Tonya Lynn



Doubles Event (low to cash 1490)

1st Place- Justin Mandell & Pete Ferraro


2nd Place- Wayne Wetherington &

                     Timothy Henfling


3rd Place- Michael Politt & Leo Rodriguez


4th Place- Hunter Dancer & Tristan Dancer


5th Place- Randy Whiting & Travis Westfall


6th Place- Samantha Cameron-Curry &

                    Kendra Cameron-Curry


7th Place- Tara Robinson & Cedric Brown


8th Place- Spot Ready & Don Yoshihara


9th Place- Eric Carson & Kimberly Dancer


10th Place- Sean Gillespie & Kyle Schwerin



All Events (low to cash 2248)

1st Place- Pete Ferraro

2nd Place- Javi Diaz- Tie for 2nd

3rd Place- Timothy Henfling- Tie for 2nd

4th Place- Hunter Dancer

5th Place- Alison Shedrow

6th Place- Fancy Williams

7th Place- James MacDonald

8th Place- Dominque Johnson

9th Place- Samantha Cameron-Curry

10th Place- Mark Dancer

11th Place- Khaleel Thomas

12th Place- Joey Koehler

13th Place- Jimmy Hadley

14th Place- Leo Rodriguez

15th Place- Kendra Cameron-Curry

16th Place- Marcus McCray

17th Place- Justin Mandell

18th Place- Russell Kilgore

19th Place- Christy Hamilton

20th Place- Bryan Norris- Tie for 20th

20th Place- Spot Ready- Tie for 20th

Team Event (low to cash 2959)

1st place- Pocket Pounders

  • Dustan Scott

  • Hunter Dancer

  • Tristan Dancer

  • Brandon Leiss



2nd Place- Another Bad Idea

  • Fancy Williams

  • Kaidee Sutphin

  • Samantha Cameraon-Curry

  • Kendra Cameron-Curry



3rd Place- In Memory of Ron

  • Kim Delcambre

  • Charles Watson

  • Wayne Wetherington

  • Timothy Henfling



4th Place- West Express

  • Justin Mandell

  • Alyssa Ferraro

  • Pete Ferraro

  • Jason West



5th Place- Koehler 2

  • Ryan Koehler

  • Joey Koehler

  • Shane Briggs

  • Keith Koehler