GAGME Scratch Doubles Fundraiser July 31st 2022

Thank you for your support. We hope everyone had a great time and we hope to see you at our next event in October 2022.

Congratulations to everyone that cashed!

Scratch Doubles

Top 6 Teams Moved onto Stepladder Finals

Top 6 Teams Proceeded to the Stepladder Finals



1st place- Crosby

2nd Place- Roseberry & Hardee

3rd Place- #GOPINK

4th Place- Jones & Ickes

5th Place- DreamTeam

6th Place- Salty

7th Place- Bracket Killer

8th Place- The Stroms

9th Place- Pammit!

10th Place- Jack n Lak n 

11th Place- Rieg & McCray

12th Place- Team Emma

13th Place- McLean

14th Place - The Hernandez Team

15th Place- SHowtyme

16th Place- Belcher & Hutchinson

17th Place- Key & Stewart

18th Place- Its Regal, Not Midtown!

19th Place- Stay Focus

20th Place- Riccardi & Misura

21st Place- Hot Wheels

22nd Place- Team KC

23rd Place- Wright

24th Place- Jones

25th Place- Balls Deep

26th Place- Wazzzzzup!!!

27th Place- Hadley & Willams

28th Place- Carson Thomas

29th Place- Lucky Duckies 

30th Place- T.O.P.M

31st place- Lucky's Crew

32nd Place- Full Send

33rd Place- Oliver & Urdal-Wenzel

34th Place- WGAPG

35th Place- Sprow

36th Place- Miranda & Reggie

37th Place- Yoshihara & Woodson

38th Place- Andrews & Goyette

39th Place- Better Late Than Never

40th Place- Bailey & Johnson

41st Place- Straus & Duggans

42nd Place- Howard & Howard

43rd Place- Bowling Silent Killers

44th Place - Faith, Love, Hope

45th Place- Perfect Strangers

46th Place- RW Express

47th Place- George & Lee

48th Place- Booty Call

49th Place- Early Birds

Stepladder Finals

1st place- Roseberry & Hardee

2nd Place- Crosby

3rd Place- Dream Team

4th Place- #GOPINK

5th Place- Jones & Ickes

6th Place- Salty